11 things (also known as me, me, me)

My lack of posting might lead you to believe that there’s not a whole heck of a lot going on, but sir, you would be mistaken. I’ve been to New York for the Westminster Dog Show, volunteered at a marathon (because you KNOW I wasn’t running it this time!), gone to Global Pet Expo in Orlando, and been down to the Keys for the wedding of a very close friend. And I’m sure I’ll catch you up on all of that soon (shut up and stop laughing), but in the meantime, I thought I’d snag this from Sarah.

1. Two shows you watch every week: Seriously, I have to choose just two? Umm, okay, let’s go with White Collar (even though it’s off until summer now) and NCIS (take your pick of original or extra crispy Los Angeles. I’ll take an extra side of LL Cool J, please!)

2. Top three places on your must-visit list: Hawaii, Greece, Australia

3. Current favorite decorating color combo: Red, orange and turquoise

4. Do you use the snooze button on your alarm? No. I used to, but I just get more and more sleepy. Of course, I don’t usually wake up to an alarm at all anymore, so that might be part of the difference.

5. Oldest, middle, or youngest: Only!

6. Do you collect anything? Not on purpose, although I’m certainly not a minimalist. But no, I don’t have a collection of anything in particular.

7. What is your middle name? Originally, Lynn, but now it’s my maiden name (Green).

8. What did you want to be when you grew up? A dancer, an actress, a professional basketball player, a lawyer, an astrophysicist, a dog trainer — I had a lot of dreams. But the biggest was to be a writer, and hey, what do you know!

9a. Are you city or country? I’m pretty good at standing with one foot in the shit and one on the carpet, as my dad likes to say, so I guess both. I grew up in the country and have no desire to ever live in the sticks again, but I’m perfectly comfortable there. I love being in the city, but don’t think I could live in, say, New York with my dogs. I’d love to have the convenience of great restaurants and bars and groceries within walking distance, but still have a guest room or two and a backyard for the dogs.

9b. Tomboy or girly girl? Both. I love hair and makeup and shoes and clothes, but there’s nothing girly about the way I watch basketball. Or play basketball, for that matter.

9c. Talker or listener? Apparently I’m just indecisive, because I feel like I’m both here, too. I can talk for ages, but I try to be a good listener. I don’t know, maybe I’m giving myself a little too much credit there.

10. Fancy label for your decorating style? Evolving eclectic. I truly hope that, by the time I’m a Real Grown Up, my home will truly reflect my/our taste and our lifestyle, but it’s certainly a process to get there.

11a. What would your friends and family say is your best quality? Ummm … I don’t really know, so I just asked Jared, and he said I’m caring, easy to talk to, and funny. So, that.

11b. Your worst? I’m kind of hyperorganized about certain things, and I can be a bit of an ass about it, to be honest. I don’t mean to be, and I usually back off when called out on it, but I can be pretty bossy when I think I need to take charge. This is good if you need me to get shit done. It is less good if you need me to be charming to your mother-in-law and she’s in my way.

Your turn! If you do this on your blog, leave me a link!

2 thoughts on “11 things (also known as me, me, me)

  1. Home Sweet Sarah

    Okay, so I’m sort of tripped out because A) I didn’t know you were an only child (holla!) and B) Chris was totally at that pet expo in Orlando! If you write about that elsewhere (which is, I’m assuming, why you were there), can you send me the link or where he can find it? I’m sure he’d like to read it.

    Also, Westminster? COLOR ME GREEN WITH ENVY.


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