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Find me Friday (plus, pink hair!)

Spoiler: My haircolor isn't natural.

While I try my best to share what’s new with me, both work-wise and in general, sometimes, I don’t do such a hot job. For example, have you seen my cool new pink hair? Oh, right. I actually did that at the end of September. Whoops.

And if I can’t even keep y’all up to date on what color my hair is, I’m probably not batting a thousand at posting my work that’s scattered across the web.

So, like so many bloggers before me, I’m going to try to do a weekly (or semi-weekly, or whatever) roundup of things I’ve written, and maybe I’ll even take a cue from The Bloggess and use it as an excuse to share things I think are super cool but maybe you haven’t seen.

Fit Bottomed Girls

ING Miami Half Marathon race report. Read it and weep (with me).

My 2012 fitness goals. I guess I’m going to have to keep working on that PR.

How to become a runner. This is awesome advice and it’s okay for me to say that because I just asked the questions. Susan Lacke (follow her on Twitter now) gave the answers.

War wounds. They’re embarrassing as hell, but at least I know I’m not alone.

Jared’s getting in on the fitness action. He’s so cute. Seriously.

Rules of the run. What are yours? Is there beer involved? There should be.


Goldendoodle Smiles for the Camera. Sometimes I do research-intensive, hard-hitting pieces. Sometimes I post cute videos.

Orphaned Baby Otter Finds Home at Shedd Aquarium. And now I need to take a trip to Chicago.


They want to be buried in a pet cemetery. Read it before you judge.


Popular puppy and kitten names. Yet another hard-hitting expose. I know, I should really lighten up.

… and just because:

This video is my favorite thing I’ve seen all week. You don’t have to like hockey or beer or even sports to enjoy this, although if you DO like any of those things, oh, man. Hold on to your butts.