Meet Trixie: A very catty interview with the newest Seymour

We have a new cat! Well, not new in the sense that she’s new (she’s 2 years old) or even particularly new to us (we adopted her around Thanksgiving last year). But, she’s new to Jeez-o-petes. Of course, considering I haven’t posted anything since October, I guess a lot of things are new to Jeez-o-petes. I mean, babies have been conceived and BORN since I last wrote anything here.

Whatever. I’m back. With a cat. (You know how I roll.)

So, sure, I could just tell you about her, but I figured, hey! I’m a journalist, right? Why not do an interview? Happily, she agreed to participate for a small fee (wet food for dinner instead of kibble), and so, let me present our newest addition: Trixie.

Me: Thanks for agreeing to the interview, Trix!

Trixie: How long until dinner?

Me: Hahaha, that’s funny. So, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself.

Trixie: I wasn’t actually joking, but fine. Um, hi, I’m Trixie. I started out on the street and still totally have all my moves, so you best not cross me, woman.

Me: Noted.

Trixie: And those dogs? Tell them, too.

Me: Will do. Now, how do you feel about your roommates, Rudi and Hollie? What’s your relationship like? I’ve noticed that you’ve actually rubbed up on Rudi a time or two recently.

So close, yet so far ...

Trixie: The black one, Rudi … she’s okay. But Hollie? *mumbles under breath* Where did you find her? She’s … got a lot of energy. And good grief, is she loud.

Me: This is true. But, it must be said, Trixie, you’re quite the talker. Why do you have so much to say?

Trixie: Why is my bowl empty so much? And why do you get to eat all the cheese? LIFE IS UNFAIR.

Me: Umm, your bowl is empty because you throw half to the ground while eating it. What’s up with that?

Trixie: Lady, I’ve watched you eat pizza. I don’t really think you have any room to talk.

Me: Hey, let’s change topics! Trixie, what’s your stance on laps?

Trixie: I don’t trust them.

Me: So, the other night when you actually laid on my lap for a minute …?

Trixie: It was a mistake. Let’s never speak of this again. Now, seriously, woman, where is my tuna? And could I get a nibble of that cheese, you think?


Trixie was adopted from Puppy Hill Farm Animal Rescue, an organization for which I’m a volunteer and a board member. Trixie was found behind an apartment building with a litter of kittens and was available for adoption for months before Jared and I found her and brought her home. She has a few quirks, but she’s been a great addition to the family. She loves hanging out in the kitchen and chatting us up when we’re making dinner. She bats at Hollie every chance she gets, and I give it another six months before I find her cuddled right up against Rudi. It might be another six months before she’s totally comfortable cuddling up with Jared and me, but that’s okay. We’re not going anywhere. And Rudi is the best snuggler in the family, anyway.


One thought on “Meet Trixie: A very catty interview with the newest Seymour

  1. Angella

    She reminds me of Graham’s cat, Chica, personality-wise. She was one when we got her, and had been abandoned. She’s aloof, but is warming up. Slowly.


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