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Find me Friday (plus, pink hair!)

Spoiler: My haircolor isn't natural.

While I try my best to share what’s new with me, both work-wise and in general, sometimes, I don’t do such a hot job. For example, have you seen my cool new pink hair? Oh, right. I actually did that at the end of September. Whoops.

And if I can’t even keep y’all up to date on what color my hair is, I’m probably not batting a thousand at posting my work that’s scattered across the web.

So, like so many bloggers before me, I’m going to try to do a weekly (or semi-weekly, or whatever) roundup of things I’ve written, and maybe I’ll even take a cue from The Bloggess and use it as an excuse to share things I think are super cool but maybe you haven’t seen.

Fit Bottomed Girls

ING Miami Half Marathon race report. Read it and weep (with me).

My 2012 fitness goals. I guess I’m going to have to keep working on that PR.

How to become a runner. This is awesome advice and it’s okay for me to say that because I just asked the questions. Susan Lacke (follow her on Twitter now) gave the answers.

War wounds. They’re embarrassing as hell, but at least I know I’m not alone.

Jared’s getting in on the fitness action. He’s so cute. Seriously.

Rules of the run. What are yours? Is there beer involved? There should be.


Goldendoodle Smiles for the Camera. Sometimes I do research-intensive, hard-hitting pieces. Sometimes I post cute videos.

Orphaned Baby Otter Finds Home at Shedd Aquarium. And now I need to take a trip to Chicago.


They want to be buried in a pet cemetery. Read it before you judge.


Popular puppy and kitten names. Yet another hard-hitting expose. I know, I should really lighten up.

… and just because:

This video is my favorite thing I’ve seen all week. You don’t have to like hockey or beer or even sports to enjoy this, although if you DO like any of those things, oh, man. Hold on to your butts.

Why? That seems to be a loaded question

I have an answer for almost everything. Yes, it’s entirely possible that my answer is purely fictional, and that, by the time I’m finished, I’ll be fighting back the giggles because I got you to believe whatever I’m saying, but still, I pride myself on coming up with answers. And, when the question is about me, you’d better believe I’ll have an answer for you.

Hey! That's me! With new short hair (and Jared and Rudi)! And yes, we're tailgating. How did you guess?

Except for one question: Why did you cut your hair?

I’ve been getting this question a lot (understandably, because my hair is now considerably shorter than it’s ever been), and I’ve been giving a lot of answers, but at the risk of sounding pathetically philosophical, none of those answers really, well, answer the question. I mean, I’m not lying when I say that I’ve been drooling over Michelle Williams’ hair on the cover of Vogue (it’s a wig! did you know that?), and it’s true that I was certainly ready for a change. But, I think the reason I gave the go-ahead was a little deeper than that.

Other people seem to be able to define me a little better than I can define myself. People say I’m athletic, or preppy, or a fashionista, or a million other things. And they’re all true, but I swear to god, I learn something new and surprising about myself every day. So, I guess I wanted a haircut that made people, even the people who’ve known me my whole life, take a second look at me, and maybe see the edgier side of me, or the fact that I can, on occasion, be spontaneous (you know, with the right planning and as long as I know what’s going on …).

Is it completely insane that I’m putting this much thought into why I chopped my hair? I mean, I don’t know why it’s not enough for me to just answer, “Because I thought it would be cool, and IT IS.” But hey, that’s just another side to me — I’m also complicated, apparently.

(In other news, how cute is Rudi in her little t-shirt there? It’s one of my old ones, but let’s be honest — it looks better on her than it ever did on me!)

I’m a pretty girl … I’m a pretty girl

Oy. The things I do for you all. Seriously, I have been hard at work, people, providing great beauty tips for YOU.

And because I can’t expect you to magically know where I’m providing these pearls of knowledge, these absolute gems of beauty-related insight, I’m putting it all together here for you. You’ll have to imagine the neat little bow (it’s pink. and pretty.).

  • Yesterday, I took lots and lots of pictures of my eyes so that you, too, can have the sexy, smoky-eyed look of your dreams. Head over to BeautyHacks for that.
  • Last week, for Fit Beauty, I tried out a seemingly-ridiculous Hannibal Lecter-looking mask. Um, yeah, you should probably read that one (even though I didn’t provide any pictures of me wearing it).
  • And, last but certainly not least, I did a tutorial for the lovely Sarah at the interweb’s most fabulous hair site, Hair Thursday. Seriously, I could not have been more geeked out and excited when she asked me to do this, and while I tend to cringe when I hear my own voice on video, I think, in general, it went pretty well. Check it out and leave me some love!

I may never leave the house without crazy eyeshadow again

In the last few years, my eye makeup has definitely toned down. Don’t get me wrong — I’ve never had a problem doing a dramatic smoky eye, or using a bit of color, but it’s definitely more subdued than it was when I was in college. Probably this is in part because I’m not going out to clubs too often anymore, partly because styles have changed, and partly due to the fact that I look a little more mature in general these days.

However, Friday night, I went to my first punk rock concert, and made my best attempt to look the part.


I know you can’t see the eye makeup too well here, but trust me — in the immortal words of Posh Spice, it was “major.” Thick black liner (top and bottom), purples and silvers worked in, and multiple coats of mascara.

(And, did you notice my awesome nail polish? I customized it to a super cool purple, which I’m now in love with. I’ve been dreaming about it — seriously — and I finally just did it.)

So, I was kind of digging the look — it was fun and different for me. But, apparently, other people liked it, too. I had a couple of random people compliment me, one who specifically cited hair and makeup. So, Kristen the Prep might’ve breathed her last. Now, I’m Punk Rock Kristen, and will answer to nothing less.

Unless, of course, I do it again and nobody compliments me. Then, I’ll have to reexamine my option. Of course.