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And that’s why I never leave the house

A lot of people who work from home actually work from a bunch of locations — coffee shops, restaurants, shared office spaces, you know. Not me. I work from home. I occasionally change locations and work from the living room or the back porch instead of at my desk, but that’s about it.

Until today. Today, after my morning meetings, I decided I wanted a coffee, and maybe some food that I didn’t have to make. I headed over to my local Starbucks, which is in the same center as my gym, so I figured I’d have a coffee and late breakfast, work for a few hours, get in a quick workout and head back home to finish out the day. I threw on some gym clothes, packed up my computer, and headed out.

It was, for the most part, pretty damn successful. I ran into a neighbor and said hello, but other than a child who sat down across the table from me, singing and tapping my laptop and trying to force me to make eye contact while his mother giggled, that was really the only break I took. I didn’t even take a bathroom break.

Which is why I didn’t notice until a few hours later, when I was walking over to the gym, that I’d been out of the house, working in public all day, with my pants on backward.

What do you even do with that? Besides, of course, walking as nonchalantly as humanly possible to the gym locker room to turn one’s pants around.

Obviously, I’m never leaving the house again.