The one with the #%$&@%& smoke detector

You know the episode of Friends where Phoebe’s fire alarm won’t stop beeping, so she wraps it up in a blanket and throws it down the garbage chute, after which a fireman brings it back to her? That was basically a PSA for me, I think, because if I didn’t know that the only way to shut it up was by hitting the button, I very well could’ve pulled a Phoebe.

A week ago (of course, while Jared was gone and I was the only one around), the smoke detector started beeping in the middle of the night. My first thought was, “What’s going on? Is it just a little fire or something?” And then, of course, I realized I just needed to test and reset it. I did, and all was well.

Until 4:00 this morning, when it started beeping again, at which point I tore it from the ceiling and took a baseball bat to it before running it over repeatedly with my car. In my mind. In real life, I grabbed a chair, pushed the damn button again, and went back to bed.

What’s the deal? Do I have to replace batteries? Be nicer to it? Buy it a friend?

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  1. Lisa

    These detectors must have a rally and decide to do this together. I had to drag out the ladder (after trying the stool which wasn’t tall enough and was probably too dangerous anyway) at 2:00 am to change the batteries in two of mine last week because resetting doesn’t work here. It’s the damn 9 volt batteries! Which I always try to keep on hand now as this has happened to me before. And since my detectors are hooked up to the alarm system, there is no such thing as swaddling them and throwing them out…the system keeps chirping anyway. This is why it is recommended that we change the batteries when we change the time back in October – which I never seem to remember until the chirping begins at 2:00am.


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